Did you know a protein in your body—CGRP—may be a cause of migraine days?

Could QULIPTA be right for you?

Text on screen Meet people who prevented migraine days with QULIPTA.

Text on screen Did you know a protein in your body - CGRP - may be a cause of migraine days?

Colleen If you're living with migraine, understand that it's something that's happening in your body, it's not made up, it's not in your mind, it's something physically happening in your body and there's something you can do about it.

Latoya It gives me hope now knowing this information that It wasn't anything that I personally did that caused my migraine attacks.

Audrey And to know now that there's something that's naturally produced in our body that is causing this...

Kelsi That information sort of makes, it undoes everything I thought I knew about migraines. And it makes me really, really thankful that this medication exists, especially if my triggers are not something that I can avoid.